All COVID-19 Essential Training


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    Train employees on what they need to know to be COVID-aware when they return to work with 6 compliant and engaging e-Learning courses they can take from home. It isn’t uncommon for COVID-19 patients to quarantine in hotels, are your staff prepared to limit contamination and stop a viral bloom from happening?

    • What you need to know about COVID-19 Make sure employees know fact from fiction when it comes to the COVID-19 safety risks for hospitality employees; such as, how infection spreads and how long the virus lives on surfaces.
    • What is and is not COVID-19 Can you properly identify a flu, allergy, & cold symptom? What about when compared to a potential COVID-19 infection?
    • What is Social Distancing Help employees identify what 6 feet/2 meters actually looks like. Maintaining effective social distancing rules is the first line of defence against COVID-19. Help your employees understand how close is too close, how to deliver the highest quality service to your guests and avoid spreading the virus unintentionally.
    • How to Wash Hands Teach your employees how to wash their hands the right way to stop potential contamination.
    • How to Clean Shared Spaces Learn the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. The room and shared spaces are always cleaned, but viral disinfection is a different level of work.
    • Your OHS Responsibilities Do you know your legal responsibilities during a pandemic? Do your employees know their rights? Educate supervisors and front-line staff about what is and isn’t a work-refusal, and how to make their safety, and your business continuity a priority.


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